Notable Alumni

Michael Ross

Class of 1976

Applied Behavioral Analysis

CEO, Lawrence & Mayo.

Rodrigo Love

Class of 1989

Forensic Accounting

Managing Partner, Goldman S...

Kristi Buffington

Class of 1993

Business Administration

VP, Bank of America (Asia)

Phoebe Duarte

Class of 1986


CEO & President, Anjani Squ...

Hal Dominguez

Class of 1986

Social Sciences & Humanities

CEO & President, Anjani Squ...

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I need some help on switching careers from Engineering to Sales

Demo Admin

Class of 2001

I need some help with selecting my electives this year.

Demo Admin

Class of 2001

Project Completed

Liberty Library Expansion - Stage III

In the run up to the accreditation by the university, the advanced research division has taken the initiative to procure 2,000 new articles by the end...

$500k Goal

Gregory Memorial Scholarship

The Gregory Memorial Scholarship is awarded to 10 students in STEM exhibiting a stellar academic and co-curricular record....

Alumni Around The World

Sao Paulo, SP

46 alumni

Scottsdale, AZ

42 alumni


23 alumni